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Brand introduction


     Luli began to develop in 2011 March, the initial location is designed for a women's special electronic cigarette market development of British star; is the electronic cigarette in the most fine a smoke, diameter of only 7.0mm, the appearance of the product is extremely exquisite, excellent taste, long enjoy the 280 export, by the broad masses of star group love;

     3 years of continuous upgrading and perfecting, has been expanded into 3 series:

     Luli classic stripe series, Luli series luxury, Luli coco leopard series;

     In the domestic and foreign luxury shops, nightclubs, bars, KTV and other places are sought after by consumers and sales

     Eshish was born in 2011, is the world's first electronic hookah;

     The appearance of the atmosphere, pure taste, excellent experience, enjoy the value of instantaneous swept England and Europe and the United states; Be royalty, celebrities, elites from all walks of life to the prerogative.

     Now has 3 series of products:

     The classic black box fruit series, Classic White Box Mint fruit series, Luxury pomegranate series.

     Eshish SC01 went on sale on 2013, is a multifunctional liquid crystal display cycle using electronic cigarette, is for the UK market development of a self gas rechargeable electronic cigarette, the appearance of high-end atmosphere, metal texture, large quantities of smoke, winning warm pursued upper society people, is a status symbol.The stainless steel shell.

    The intelligent control chip

    The pressure regulating, resistance identification, export record number, temperature display, power display and other functions.

    The atomizer using non gel design, toughened glass, consumption safety.

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